Do I need to register for an account to purchase products from your online store?

No, your account will be registered by Kaplan using your CT number. If your CT is not found, kindly approach your Kaplan Programme Management Team that is handling your program.

How do I know if the product in the online catalogue is available?

With the exception of some textbook items which requires confirmation from overseas, most of the textbook in our online store are available for purchase. In the event that any products are unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, our customer service staff will contact you.

What is the lead-time for the unavailable product to arrive?

In the event of unforeseen circumstance of any unavailability of the product, we will indent the product and approximate lead time for indentation is about 4-6 weeks.

Order & Payment

We accept payment only by payment transferred to our OCBC Bank Account No.: 501-100184-001, kindly mention the Order ID in the description.

Can I change items or cancel my order?

You cannot change items or cancel your order once it has been confirmed and paid. Please ensure that you order is accurate before your purchase.